Customers please be advised of the following:

Consumers may not be entitled to a refund if the cancellation is due to a government travel ban.
Where a travel ban has caused the cancellation, consumers should check the terms and conditions of their contract and contact the travel agent or business who they booked with. If you have travel insurance, please contact your insurer.

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Departure Times
International Flights – Arrive at airport no later than 2 hours prior to flight.
Domestic Flights – Arrive at airport no later than 1 hour prior to flight time.
Travel details
Shoalhaven Shuttle accepts no liability for passengers stated travel dates and times. It is the passengers responsibility to ensure that they quote the correct dates/times and flight numbers at the time of booking, taking particular care where crossing international date and time lines. Privacy laws prevent us from verifying passenger details with carriers. Incorrect details may result in the inability of Shoalhaven Shuttle to accommodate the passengers requirements and may be considered a cancellation at the passengers expense. Please read our cancellation policy.
Unforseen delays
Our schedule is based on average running times and allows for minor delays. While every effort is made to arrive at the airport etc. on time, we can not guarantee actual arrival times particularly where unforseen events like accidents, storms, roadwork or unprecedented traffic present extended delays on the road.
Delayed flights
Shoalhaven Shuttle does not guarantee transport for passengers with delayed flight arrivals and reserves the right to assess each situation at the time. Where reasonable, and our schedule and prior commitments permit, we may endeavour to wait for late arrivals or may arrange alternate transport. Where no transport can be provided we may elect to refund, in part or in full, the fare for that travel.Should an additional bus be require there will be a second charge. This should be claimable on your travel insurance.
Quoted pickup times
Please allow 15 mins either side of any quoted pickup time. We are at the mercy of traffic. The driver may contact you if we are running late. We reserve the right to alter times and will notify you if there is to be any planned change in the quoted times.
Payment of fares
All fares, including return fares, are to be paid in full prior to or on the day of forward travel before boarding the bus. Some fares, including last minute bookings and one way pickups will be required to be prepaid by credit card. A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required for all bookings , payable within 7 days from date booking was made.
When paying the balance in cash please have correct change ready upon boarding the bus.
Visa/Mastercard 1% fee over $150.
Our Service does not provide transportation of animals, other than assistance/companion dogs.
Allowance is made for one large and one medium piece of luggage per passenger plus one piece of hand luggage. Excess baggage and oversize of overweight items will incur a surcharge per piece and are subject to space being available and must be notified in advance. The driver will assist you with your luggage into and out of the us. Any fragile items must be identified and remain the responsibility of the passenger.
Unsealed roads
Our Service does not travel on unsealed roads (some exceptions available), particularly during or directly following rain. In these circumstances we will drop/collect you as close as possible to/from your door or a mutually agreed alternate location.
 Any Deposits paid are NON REFUNDABLE. The FULL FARE will be charged for cancellations received within 72 hrs of the date of travel.
We strongly suggest you take out travel insurance.
It is our policy to provide the best possible service to our passengers.
We cannot change things if we are not aware. We appreciate feedback both negative and positive. So, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.